UMIXX is a music technology company driven to create next-generation music experiences with their bold, innovative, and fun ideas for consumers. Their flagship app combines trademarked Pro DJ tools for mixing, spinning, and scratching with consumer features for sharing your songs and original works on social media and with other UMIXXers.


Strive is a total care platform redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care by empowering patients through mobile software and wearable technology. An end-to-end solution from initial assessment and conservative care through surgery, postop care and the return to the quality of life patients Strive for.


Allergan developed the TrueTear® brand, which is a device and mobile app platform to provide a temporary increase in tear production using neurostimulation to improve dry eye symptoms in adult patients with severe dry eye symptoms.


Propeller Health is the doctor-recommended way to manage your asthma or COPD. Propeller makes it easy to stick to your treatment plan and helps you learn what may be causing your flare-ups so you can have more symptom-free days. Their sensors attach to the inhalers you already have, connect to the mobile apps, and track where, when, and how you use your medication. Over time, Propeller learns about your flare-ups and medication use so you can become an expert at managing your symptoms, identifying your triggers, and working closer with your doctor so you can continuously improve the management of your asthma and COPD.


If English is not your first language, Juna Accent Coach helps you achieve a clear American English accent so you can easily connect with English speaking friends, business contacts, and professional colleagues. Juna’s passion is teaching you how to make every English sound and providing interactive lesson so you can achieve your pronunciation goals.


In 1946, the world’s first Duck tour was launched. While other Duck rides have come and gone, only ORIGINAL WISCONSIN DUCKS® has been delivering FUN and ADVENTURE on LAND and WATER, NON-STOP, ever since! The CLASSIC DUCK TOUR splashes into the WISCONSIN RIVER and LAKE DELTON, climbs over SAND BARS, traverses over four miles of EXCLUSIVE SCENIC WILDERNESS TRAILS, and has been thrilling passengers for 75 YEARS and counting. If you grew up in Wisconsin, going to The Dells and riding The Ducks is more than a tradition, it’s more of a shared rite of passage.


The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center is a community-directed, non-profit organization based in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood of Madison, WI concentrating on: Enhancing the quality of life by fostering community building and partnerships; Supporting life-enriching programs; Providing opportunities and services. They achieve their mission through offering a host of life-building services including: after-school and summer childcare for ages 5 to 12; senior citizen nutrition and recreation programs; emergency food services; arts and culture workshops and classes; and facility use rentals for community-based events.


Second Harvest Foodbank exists to end hunger in Southern Wisconsin. Since 1986, the nonprofit has put more than 100 million meals on the tables of the 1 in 10 people who face hunger in the area they serve. They work together with hundreds of local hunger-relief charities. They are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious food. They are a member of Feeding America (https://www.feedingamerica.org/), a nationwide network of member food banks and the nation’s largest domestic hunger-releief organization.


Innovation Award Winner, SecureFutures builds stronger communities by empowering teens with financial education, tools, and mentorship. Provide financial literacy programs and resources that empower students to make sound financial decisions. They hired Noble to collaborate on the design and development of their first digital product offering, MoneyPath, which is the most complete college, career, and financial planning application for teens, which was the Winner of The 2018 Thrivent Social Reverse Pitch Challenge.