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Leading the Way in the Creation of Inspired iPad Apps

Who could have guessed just a few short years ago that tablets would come to outsell both desktop computers and laptops? These innovative products combine the technical capabilities of a computer with the extreme portability and ease of use of a smartphone. The end result is a lightweight, highly sophisticated piece of electronics that can fit into the smallest of bags or briefcases.

The iPad: Still the One

There are several tablet manufacturers in the market today, but the most popular by far continues to be the Apple iPad, and with very good reason. With a large, high-resolution touchscreen and powerful CPU, iPads are ideal for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rich media applications
  • Business software
  • Educational apps
  • Music apps
  • Medical apps
  • Design apps

The iPad Pro is the most powerful tablet ever created for creative professionals, and is designed to replace their PCs.  It includes the Apple Pencil, which feels like the familiar stylus, but advanced features make it entirely revolutionary for graphic designers, architects, and artists.  With its split screen, multi-tasking, and advanced Siri capabilities, the iPad Pro requires an experienced mobile team to take full advantage of the possibilities.

iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini – each has its place for the wide variety of users. The iOS 10 Operating System means we can work with you to build differentiated apps with modern features that were never possible before:

  • Build your app to be integrated with Siri
  • Deep search so Finder can find content within your app
  • Integrate with Messages
  • Speech Recognition so your app is continuously listening for voice commands from your users
  • Apple Pay
  • Video Subscriber
  • 3D Touch – we made one of the first 3D touch apps available
  • Amazing photography options with 2 cameras
  • Integrate with HealthKit and HomeKit to be an essential part of your users’ lives

iPad App Development for iPad Users

You can use most iPhone apps on your iPad; apps are designed to be accessible across multiple Apple devices. That being said, if you know you want to create an app for use on an iPad, do you really want to settle for one that simply shows up larger on that bigger screen, and nothing more? The best iPad apps are specifically designed with iPad technical capabilities and user habits in mind. There are many reasons why customers continue to choose tablets over other devices, so make sure you select an iOS mobile app developer who not only recognizes these reasons throughout the app creation process, but knows how to capitalize on them.
Noble Applications has the knowledge, insight, and experience to create unique iPad application designs, rich user interfaces, and functionality that is second to none. From initial conception to viability analysis, then development and design to navigating the Apple App Store process, we are here to guide you every step of the way to creating groundbreaking iPad apps.

100% Success Rate

Apple rightfully rejects roughly 30 percent of the apps submitted for App Store Review. At Noble, our team has a 100 percent success rate of getting apps published to the Apple App Store. We guarantee that Apple will not reject your app due to substandard development or technical flaws.  When you work with us, you will not waste your time and money on the crashes and bugs, substandard user interface, broken links, and other common reasons for rejection.

Getting Started

It is critical that you partner with a mobile app builder who takes advantage of the differences between smartphone apps and tablet apps. Whether you are modifying an existing app for use on the iPad, or creating an entirely new app from scratch, our iPad app development team is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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