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Noble Applications believes that you should expect more from your collaborative partners than you would from your own team. Mobile app design and development require specialized expertise and skills, and we’re here to guide you from concept to completion. We have built your mobile team already, so you can go from having no mobile team to an advanced mobile team–instantly. Software design and development is more than a job for us. It is a Noble calling.
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A Brief Noble History

In 2012, Frank, with his experience, reputation, and network, found himself with too much moonlighting work to keep up on nights and weekends. Therefore, he founded Noble Applications on the premise that you should expect more out of your outsourcing partners than your own team; it should be a Noble Calling.

Coming off of a project at his last company where several vendors failed to meet their promises, Steve decided to start his own web and mobile application design and development company that would guarantee successful execution of all projects. A common acquaintance introduced him to Frank, and the Noble Calling became a guarantee that has been fulfilled on every Noble project since.

Applying our 5 decades of experience, we learn your needs, goals, and mobile strategy to help you define success. With hands-on experience in many industries, we have a demonstrated ability to communicate and understand across every boundary. We are devoted to learning, teaching, and communication, while finding elegant, workable, and real-world solutions to every problem and strategy. We will help you clearly identify a proposed application solution while defining success and a beautiful design to ensure the best possible user experience.

Steve O’Brien CEO Noble Applications

Steve O'Brien

Steve is a co-founder and leads Noble as it's CEO.
Frank LaRosa Co-Founder Noble Applications

Frank LaRosa

Frank is a founder and thought leader.

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