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Android App Development

Building Your Business Through Custom Mobile Apps

With an arsenal of software projects under our belts, our team at Noble Applications is always pushing technological boundaries. We specialize in both design and mobile app development for the Android platform (which continues to be the most widely used mobile platform in the world). Our Android specialists can help you conceive and execute on the most advanced ideas, utilizing all of the high-tech innovation that Google drives, and the flexibility and features that Android provides.

The Android Advantage

There are about 200 million people using smartphones in the USA. Currently, 53 percent of those people have the Android platform, compared to the 43 percent who use Apple iOS. There are several reasons more people use Android:

  • The operating system is at least as powerful but comes at a lower price point.
  • Advanced features including 3D motion processing, mixable audio, and multiple cameras.
  • App developers and innovators prefer an ecosystem that is less restrictive.

Our app development company has been building apps for Android devices since their inception in 2007. We bring a deep understanding of the technology and a commitment to excellence to every project.

Things to Consider

When you have a project that requires Android app development, it is crucial to consider the variety of devices on the market – some users may have a tablet that has not been updated in years, while others will have the newest devices running the latest Android versions.

Our team regularly creates apps that will work on almost every Android device, regardless of hardware capability, screen size, or version. We have experience retrofitting modern design to maintain compatibility with older Android phone and tablet models. Our goal is to ensure that any end user can use your app to its fullest potential, no matter what kind of device is in their hands.

Interactive Mobile App Development

At Noble Applications, we know that every company is different, which is why we tailor each application to fit our clients’ specific needs. Our innovative ideas are the key to well-designed, interactive apps for every platform and potential customer. As the world keeps changing, our marketing experts and mobile app builders can help guide you. Our experience in a variety of industries and our commitment to our clients can help bring your business to the next level.

Getting Started

With experience working on both Apple iOS and Android, our team of experts at Noble Applications can help you through the process of getting an app off the ground. We pride ourselves not only on our coding but also our customer service. To request a quote for your project today, simply fill out our form online or give us a call at (608) 535-9350.

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