UMIXX is a music technology company driven to create next-generation music experiences with their bold, innovative, and fun ideas for consumers. Their flagship app combines trademarked Pro DJ tools for mixing, spinning, and scratching with consumer features for sharing your songs and original works on social media and with other UMIXXers.

Solving the Business Problem

DJ techniques like spinning, scratching, and mixing are historically analog, performed on dual turntables. Providing these functions with digital recordings in an Apple iOS app with the UX and feel of the analog function was definitely a challenge. Furthermore, UMIXXes innovative ideas for simultaneous processses for recording the original works and including video Snapmixxes challenged the capabilities of iPhones and iPads.

The Outcome

It took a lot of engineering to provide function and eliminate latency, but it was worth it! UMIXX was able to achieve their goal of making DJ tools available to the masses in an iOS app, and they’re turning their attention to recording from the real world, having real world experiences available within the suite of DJ tools, and building a more comprehensive sharing platform for UMIXXers.