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Strive is a total care platform redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care by empowering patients through mobile software and wearable technology. An end-to-end solution from initial assessment and conservative care through surgery, postop care and the return to the quality of life patients Strive for.

Solving the Business Problem

Noble was tasked with the development and design of both a client and healthcare provider solution. A successful solution communicates the steps needed daily to successfully recover from surgery, and tracks patient progress in a manner that is both visually satisfying and successful in conveying progress to patients.

Noble Collaboration

Noble has helped Strive through many business challenges including branding, marketing strategy, device and software engineering, and making a complex wearable device easy and fun to use.

Project's Importance

Strive is a HIPAA compliant platform with native mobile apps integrated with custom wearables and a full-featured provider web interface that includes telemedicine and realtime reporting that has changed how patients are delivered care resulting in better care and better results.

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