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Allergan developed the TrueTear® brand, which is a device and mobile app platform to provide a temporary increase in tear production using neurostimulation to improve dry eye symptoms in adult patients with severe dry eye symptoms.

Solving the Business Problem

The millions of American adults that suffer from severe dry eye symptoms have long-relied on pharmaceutical therapeutics. TrueTear® sought to disrupt the market by providing a neurostimulation therapeutic that spurs the creation of actual, natural tears.


Noble Collaboration

Working together with Allergan, Noble created an application that paired wirelessly with their neurostimulation device using BLE. The iOS and Android apps tracks and manages usage within recommended guidelines, battery life, weather conditions so you can predict when you most need it, and provided over-the-air (OTA) updates to devices for continuous improvement of the platform.

Project's Importance

10s of millions of Americans suffer from dry eye disease.  Neurostimulation and other techniques that trigger the body’s natural response to this and other ailments is a growing alternative to pharmaceuticals. With this new approach, Allergan did prove that self-administered neurostimulation with an integrated app platform to manage schedules and usage will be accepted and prescribed by physicians as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, and patients will adopt and successfully use these platforms.  While Allergan was purchased by AbbVie and the program was shelved, this product proved very important concepts for a growing trend in therapeutics.

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