The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center is a community-directed, non-profit organization based in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood of Madison, WI concentrating on: Enhancing the quality of life by fostering community building and partnerships;
Supporting life-enriching programs; Providing opportunities and services. They achieve their mission through offering a host of life-building services including: after-school and summer childcare for ages 5 to 12; senior citizen nutrition and recreation programs; emergency food services; arts and culture workshops and classes; and facility use rentals for community-based events.

The Business Need

Festivals are one way Wisconsin celebrates the summer! They are also a necessary and fun way for many nonprofits to fund their vital programs! Every summer, the near-East side of Madison is known as FESTYLAND because the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and their partners put on the the 5 festivals that are the cornerstones of the summer season: Marquette Waterfront Festival, Fête de Marquette, Atwood Fest, Orton Park Festival, and the Willy Street Fair. The FESTYLAND app promotes the festivals, the bands and entertainment, and the food vendors, while informing festival goers of all the schedules, events, and necessary information for attending and having a great time!



Noble Collaboration

In pro-bono collaboration with Wil-Mar, Noble designed and created the Festyland application to be a showcase for all of the musical talent, entertainment, and food vendors, and created an unparalleled user experience for attendees.  It is a world-class platform with an easy-to-build Content Management System for festival planners, and an exciting, informative presentation for festival goers.  Our humble FESTYLAND festivals have as good of an app as any festival worldwide.


Project's Importance

Communities are increasingly dependent on Nonprofits, which are increasingly stretched to the limit of their resources to provide vital services.  The Wil-Mar model is to increase the quality of life in their communities with their services, as well as the fun they provide to the community to fund their services. FESTYLAND supports the Wil-Mar vision of having fun while helping each other.

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