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In 1946, the world’s first Duck tour was launched. While other Duck rides have come and gone, only ORIGINAL WISCONSIN DUCKS® has been delivering FUN and ADVENTURE on LAND and WATER, NON-STOP, ever since! The CLASSIC DUCK TOUR splashes into the WISCONSIN RIVER and LAKE DELTON, climbs over SAND BARS, traverses over four miles of EXCLUSIVE SCENIC WILDERNESS TRAILS, and has been thrilling passengers for 75 YEARS and counting. If you grew up in Wisconsin, going to The Dells and riding The Ducks is more than a tradition, it’s more of a shared rite of passage.

Solving the Business Problem

The Ducks have other great attractions, including Dells Boat Tours®, Jet Boat®, Ghost Boat, and the Sunset Dinner Cruise.  To make family fun more affordable, The Ducks provide package deals, group discounts, and many special offers.  With box offices all over The Dells, several departure locations, an online Ticket Hub, and many boats to manage, they needed an integrated web and mobile app platform to manage ticketing and dispatching.

That’s where Noble came in to design and develop their mobile Box Office and Dispatch apps, Ticket Hub, and administrative web application to manage all of their boats, tours, customers, discounts, and schedules in one integrated system.

Wisconsin Ducks
Original Wisconsin Ducks

Noble Collaboration

Noble worked closely with the Wisconsin Ducks team to learn their complex needs and absorb their knowledge and passion for creating amazing and fun customer experiences.  Got a date, but you’re gonna be late – No Problem!  Weather got in the way – No Problem!  Wanna do one ride one day and another ride the next day on the same ticket – No Problem!  Gotta big group that wants to do rides all day – No Problem!  None of this is easy to do in an integrated software system, but the Wisconsin Ducks made sure that the software bent to meet the needs to provide an excellent customer user experience.

Project's Importance

It has been an honor for us to be of service to an institution of Wisconsin outdoor fun. Summer tourism is the biggest industry in the Wisconsin Dells and making a system that provides what people need and absorbs the complexity so everyone can show up and have fun is what the Wisconsin Dells and The Original Wisconsin Ducks is all about.

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