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If English is not your first language, Juna Accent Coach helps you achieve a clear American English accent so you can easily connect with English speaking friends, business contacts, and professional colleagues. Juna’s passion is teaching you how to make every English sound and providing interactive lesson so you can achieve your pronunciation goals.

Solving the Business Problem

For non-native English speakers, learning to speak and pronounce English correctly is notoriously difficult worldwide. Teaching people how to position their jaws and teeth, how to hold their tongue, and how to move their lips to make sounds is a very intimate process, and challenging to do in-person, and even more challenging via a mobile app.

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Noble Collaboration

Led by lifetime educator, Ann Bartholomew, the Juna Accent Coach team developed an amazing quantity of quality animations and educational content to teach people how to make English sounds.  Additionally, she continuously challenged the Noble team to develop intimately interactive experiences, like mirror-mode, record yourself, transcribe yourself, and listen-to-yourself to create an immersive and effective educational tool.  Combined with the Dictionary, Quizzes, Video Lessons, and specific lessons for your native tongue, we were able to collaborate with the Juna team to organize the voluminous content and activities into a streamlined user experience that provides for users to improve their English pronunciation at their own pace.

Project's Importance

There are about 45 million immigrants in the United States.  Juna helps them achieve the close friendships, education, promotions, careers, and confidence they deserve by making their ability to communicate an asset instead of a barrier.

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