APISoftwareTechnologyWhat’s an API? Noble Applications TECH TUESDAY

If you’re new to the software development world, you may have heard the acronym API thrown around here and there. It’s a tool you’re going to learn to use, maybe even love to use, and ultimately are going to use! If you’re unsure of what it means in the first place, let’s change that! 

API might sound like a beer or a fancy stock exchange idea, but what it stands for is Application Programming Interface! Now… what’s that? 

In short, an API is something that allows you to “talk” to another application and retrieve data from it. Whether you need weather data, map data, or even movie data, there’s an API for almost anything. The world is truly at your fingertips! 

How do they work, though?

I can tell you what an API is, but without showing you how it works, you’re essentially stuck in a creek without a paddle. When you’re working with an API, you can make requests to it, and after making the request, the API will interface with its desired server to give you the data you need for your web or mobile application. An example of this is working with the Google Maps Platform and utilizing their many APIs to create an interactive map experience for your application.

If you’re still lost, think of an API as your barista. When you order a coffee and you ask for a certain drink – think of this as the data you’re requesting. Once you get the coffee(or your data) you go about your business, and that’s that. The barista is the one who got you your coffee, it was all a matter of asking the right questions to get your desired outcome. This is how an API works. 

Now that you know how an API works, what will you build? Whose API will you take advantage of, and what applications will you use to change the world? Give Noble a call for a free strategy consultation to take your app to the next level.