As a technological company that uses different tools and processes, it’s important to be as transparent as possible, and share how these tools are used in our field with all who are curious. Welcome to Tech Tuesday, Noble’s version of a weekly tech blog!

With a diverse amount of knowledge and skill dispersed throughout Noble’s team, having a thorough understanding of all that we use helps us create apps with more empathy, new perspectives, and a clearer understanding of the role that each person plays on the team. Because we work so closely with one another, seeing eye-to-eye and understanding the work, the language, and being able to offer insight from a fresh perspective helps us do the best work possible. 

For those outside of the Noble team, surface-level knowledge regarding different development and design tools that Noble utilizes to build your apps can be helpful as well – inquiring minds and potential clients can utilize this knowledge to understand our processes on a deeper level entirely. By being transparent with our audience, we have the opportunity to discover the customers who want to work with us, and who we want to work with as well, along with just educating any and all who want to learn about the technology we use!

Every Tuesday from here on in, we’ll release an article educating you on some aspect of our world of work. It may be related to Noble, it may be related to the world of application development, or software development in general. Without a doubt, after finishing reading just one tech Tuesday article, you’ll have a piece of new knowledge that you can carry with you for the rest of your life! Who knows – maybe it’s the piece of knowledge that changes your career, gets you a new job, or just makes your life easier. Be sure to check out Noble News on Tuesdays for more!