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If you’ve spent time in tech circles on social media, you know what I mean when I say the arguments for the best JavaScript framework are never-ending. Statements like “React Native is the best!” “Angular is the best!” and “Vue is the best!” are all over Twitter and Instagram in the software development community, and there’s no sign of them ever going away. But, what are these enthusiastic developers even talking about, and how do these products compare against each other?

What makes them so good, and is there even such a thing as a “best” JavaScript framework?

React is an open-source library created by Facebook and is used to create user interface(UI) components on web applications using JavaScript. It’s not only used on Facebook-specific applications (Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp) but also is used by developers and software engineers around the world. React was released in 2013 and is continuously being improved and iterated upon by Facebook employees and the React Dev community as well! React is a solid library and a great contender for web application development. 

Vue was developed by a former Googler, Evan You, and much like React, is a framework that utilizes JavaScript in tandem with HTML and CSS to create simple, beautiful web applications. The creator of Vue actually worked on Angular, the other framework we’re going to be talking about today – is it possible that Angular is what drove him to create Vue as an alternative front-end library in the first place? Either way, Vue is another solid choice for creating your Web Application with modern, sleek UI design. 

Angular was created by Google and is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework that is, again, used to build the front-end of web applications. It started as AngularJS and was then re-written to be just Angular, and is used to develop applications like Google, Forbes, and several other Fortune 500 Companies. 

These 3 frameworks are some of the most-used frameworks in the software development and technology industries, and that’s for a good reason, too! They all have their benefits and drawbacks, but the best framework that you can use is the framework that you and your team agree upon that would work best for you. It’s easy to say one framework is better than another, but the best ones are the ones that you know will build your application in the best possible way.