Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of death in America. MyRxProfile was started by a pharmacist to save lives and help people keep themselves and their families safe.

Solving the Business Problem

Noble was challenged by MyRxProfile to create an application that infused Vision Technology with pharmaceutical innovation. All the user needed to do was open the app, point the camera at a bottle or box, and they would immediately become notified of any ADR that would take place with drugs already on that user’s profile. Along with this, Noble created branding and awareness around the app, and created a product-market fit. MyRxProfile is now a full-featured app with a brand presence of keeping people safe and healthy.

The Outcome

With the aforementioned abilities within the MyRxProfile application, users can rest assured that while their doctors and medical providers may not be aware of every medication they’re taking, MyRxProfile will. With the ability to log any and all of their medications and inform the users of ADR possibilities that may ensue from the taking of different medications, Noble took part in delivering a user experience that created a happier, healthier public.