Healthcare Apps

Mobile technology is spreading farther and faster than ever before, into a variety of new industries. Based on our current workload, we know that healthcare app development is by far the most active and funded sector for mobile innovation.  We are currently working on several projects spurred by the ideas of providers, payers, administrators, and even patients who realize how innovation can improve care, outcomes, and efficiency.

While everyone generally wants better care and better outcomes for patients, our experience has taught us that healthcare is a tricky industry with deep-seated barriers to innovation. Payers want technology to provide compliance to standards and best practices. While providers are trying to provide the best care, they also worry about the reduction in revenues and profits that can result from compliance to universal standards. Plus, payers and providers are often the same business entities with innate conflicts of interest. Everyone is concerned about PHI-compliance, FDA regulations, and security, which make the entire industry averse to the risk of sharing information on networked servers, despite the rewards that might provide.

And yet we’ve learned how these barriers can be overcome. Patients provide the demand for all healthcare services, and while it may seem counterintuitive, they tend to withhold that demand because of a handful of real fears: fear that they will be able to pay for it, fear that they will not receive the care they specifically need, and the old-fashioned but persistent fear of doctors – finding out the truth about their health. But there’s a twist: patients do trust and value innovation and the modernization of healthcare, especially when it puts the power of information in their hands. We have learned that new technology often spurs what we call the golden circle of healthcare innovation:

  • Providers get a higher supply of referrals and the opportunity to be the point of entry of more patients into the healthcare system (more revenue).
  • They can process more patients efficiently and effectively (more profits).
  • They can more readily adhere to best practices and standards (better care = reputation and marketing).
  • Which leads to more referrals and patients. The circle is closed, and everyone receives value.

Regarding security fears, we have processes, methods, and experience in deploying PHI-compliant, hosted systems. This is not to say that we are Compliance Officers, and we do not claim to be compliance experts – you still need those. We are software designers and developers, and experience matters. We architect and deploy all of our hosted infrastructures with the same level of security and methods required by HIPAA-compliant and banking industry systems.

Using Advanced Technology to Create Custom Apps

Healthcare apps are where we get the most opportunities to create and introduce truly novel innovations:

  • Bluetooth device integrations to bring sensors into the healthcare app user experience for diagnosis, compliance, and monitoring
  • 3D modeling of anatomical components to really bring the healthcare apps to life
  • EHR integrations so new technology is connected to processes and workflows
  • Complex algorithm development to model diagnostic decision trees
  • Server logic, push notifications, and alerts so the care team can respond in time, even if the patient doesn’t know there is a problem
  • Connecting surgeons, MDs, and clinicians so they can provide better, integrated care
  • Telemedicine platforms digitally connecting patients with remote care

Healthcare has changed extremely rapidly.  Gone are the days of having one primary care provider who knows everything about you. Patients now need to be responsible for their own quality of care, and this self-advocacy is driving a ton of new technology.  When patients are digitally connected to their care teams, everyone can quickly get the information they need, and monitor treatment and lifestyle changes. Mobile applications allow patients to take charge of their own healthcare by giving them the information and tools they need to make informed decisions.

Getting Started

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